shagbark hickory (Carya ovata)

shagbark hickory
  • Bloom/Foliage: Green turn yellow to golden brow
  • Height: 70-90
  • Spread/Width:
  • Zone: 4
  • Sun Exposure:
  • Description:

    Carya ovata, commonly called shagbark hickory, is a large deciduous tree that typically grows 70-90' (infrequently to 120') tall with an irregular, oval-rounded crown. Trunks mature to 2-3' in diameter. This tree features smooth, medium yellow-green, odd-pinnate, compound leaves, each leaf having 5 (less frequently 7 or 9) finely-toothed, broadly lance-shaped, pointed leaflets. Leaflets range from 3-7" long. Leaves turn yellow to golden brown in fall. Bark of young trees is gray and smooth, but exfoliates in long strips with age.