Black Oak (Quercus velutina)

Black Oak
  • Bloom/Foliage: Green to deep red
  • Height: 50-60'
  • Spread/Width:
  • Zone: 3
  • Sun Exposure:
  • Description:

    Quercus velutina, commonly called black oak, is a large, deciduous oak of the red oak group that typically grows 50-60’ tall with a globular, spreading crown. Bark is almost black on mature trunks with deep furrows. Inner bark is yellow to orange. Trunk matures to 3’ in diameter. Leathery, shiny, dark green leaves (to 10” long) have 7-9 deeply incised lobes (each with 1-3 bristle tipped teeth). Leaves turn yellow to yellow-brown to dull red in fall.

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