Wasabi Coleus (Solenostemon s. 'Wasabi')

Wasabi Coleus
  • Bloom/Foliage: Lime
  • Height: 18-36"
  • Spread/Width: 16-28"
  • Zone: 9
  • Sun Exposure:
  • Description:

    Coleus are sought after primarily for their colorful foliage. Most varieties are sun-loving but will benefit from some relief from the sun during the heat of the day. Flowers form on long spikes usually in mid-late summer, and need to be pinched off to maintain continued foliage growth. Coleus do well as thrillers, fillers and spillers in containers, depending on their growth habit.

    Wasabi ‘UF0843’ PP23585- Durable and rugged coleus that will brighten shaded areas and not fade out in the sun. Brilliant chartreuse leaves have scalloped leaf margins, and occasionally burgundy centers. 18-36” high by 16-28” wide. Shade tolerant.