Golden Glory Dogwood (Cornus mas 'Golden Glory' )

Golden Glory Dogwood
  • Bloom/Foliage: yellow
  • Height: 15-20'
  • Spread/Width:
  • Zone: 4
  • Sun Exposure:
  • Description:

    Features tiny, star-like, yellow flowers borne in umbels which appear in late winter to early spring before the foliage. This cultivar typically flowers more abundantly than the species. Flowers give way to tiny red drupes which mature in the summer, but are often inconspicuous because hidden by the foliage. Drupes are technically edible, but not particularly tasty and are infrequently harvested unless for use in syrups or jams. Deep green, oval leaves acquire a somewhat undistinguished, dull purple tinge in autumn. Attractive grayish brown bark exfoliates on mature branches.

6-7' MS