Kiss Mix Gazania (Gazania rigens 'Kiss Mix' )

Kiss Mix Gazania
  • Bloom/Foliage: Mix
  • Height: 6-12"
  • Spread/Width:
  • Zone: 8
  • Sun Exposure:
  • Description:

    The series have won many awards. They have very big flowers, and an early and long blooming season. Keep them in light sandy soil, water them occasionally once established, and fertilize them twice a year. If you shear the flowers every month or so to get rid of spent flowers, it is a pleasant and effortless ground cover.

    Blooming Habits:
    The 3-4 inches flowers (7-10 cm) come in all kind of colors. They close at night and during cloudy weather, so they are not usable as cut flowers. Although they seem to come in greater quantity in spring, they are there year around.